Mandate and Missions of International Arts Gallery


International Arts Gallery is a platform for introducing fine artworks of traditional and contemporary Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy. It also advocates promotion of cultural exchange between Chinese arts and culture as well as arts and cultures of other countries and area. It aims at inspiring creativity and originality of artists as well as enhancing the level of appreciation of artworks for the art appreciators.

The advisers and artists of International Arts Gallery are senior and popular Chinese artists as well as young rising stars stationed in Canada. Their artworks cover all three traditional areas of Chinese painting, namely, landscaping, flowers and birds; and human portraits. Our Honorary Advisers are renowned master artists whose works are already collectable items for many. We also invite famous leaders of the arts and culture community and academics to be our Honorary Advisers to counsel us on the promotion of our missions and objectives. Our artists are popular and prolific artists.

We also pay great attention to the exchange, studies, and promotion of arts, calligraphy and paintings, regularly inviting internationally renowned artists and master artists from China to have artworks exhibitions, seminars and conferences in our Gallery. By hosting, co-organizing and sponsoring arts and cultural studies, seminars and conferences, arts appreciation events, social workshops, paintings and calligraphy classes and artworks competitions, we aim at attracting the attention and interest of the community to arts and cultures as well as the Chinese heritage of arts and calligraphy. We regularly organize and host international and national significant arts exhibitions and events. Joining hands with our event partners, we also participate in the organization of large scale crossing-boundaries exhibitions and events.

Our focus is not on business sale and profit making. We look for the higher objectives of promoting the appreciation and understanding of Chinese artworks as an art of beauty with deeper meaning. We also explore into the objective of developing a concept of Chinese artwork which embodies North American colours and distinctions.

In recent years, we also advocate arts collections as well as sale of artworks. We works together with international, oversea and local famous auction houses by referral of our customers’ collections in regular auctions. As well, we also promote online sale of art pieces of our artists.